A recent commission was received to produce a set of bespoke luggage for one of the most beautiful cars ever created - the Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso.

1963 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

Built in the best tradition of Grand Tourers, the Lusso was designed for the driver to travel long distances, at speed, in luxurious comfort, providing an area to accommodate the belongings required for the journey. 

The Lusso's luxurious luggage area 

We were commissioned to create a set of custom cases that would nestle perfectly within the quilted leather luggage area behind the fronts seats, and be secured by the buckles and straps that were (as with all Lusso models) present since birth. This was a machine that naturally wants to embrace bespoke baggage, but as far as we are aware, it was not a factory option. 

Graphic rendering of proposed design

Unlike the Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguars of the period, for which we have patterns, drawings and photographic references, the Lusso luggage had to be designed and built from scratch. Multiple measurements and angle assessments provided the detailed dimensions required to create graphic renderings of the proposed designs.

Mock-up produced for trial fit

A test case-set was mocked up in craft-board for a trial fitting, after which final adjustments were made to the master pattern. The craftsmen could then progress with the build, and complete the perfect product. It is the automotive equivalent of creating a bespoke suit or couture gown.

The first of two cases slots neatly into place

Design, fit and quality are the essential ingredients of any bespoke process, but it is the selection of materials that personalise the finished product. The Lusso design brief was to create contrast whilst retaining harmony. If the luggage had been produced to simply match the upholstery, it could've been lost in a sea of blackness. The main body of the cases was therefore covered in a silver-grey leather, that reflected the exterior colour of the car, and trimmed in "Nero Pella" hide to connect with the interior.

Grey Alcantara lining

Maintaining an automotive theme, each case was lined in grey Alcantara, then finished with nickel hardware and pins to sit comfortably with the vehicle’s chromework. The final product not only serves a practical purpose, it completes the car, enhancing its appeal. It allows the driver to travel in real style.
Ready to travel in style